42 North!

42 North Members


In the fall of 1984, the residents of the 70' wing of Allen Two North decided that their best interests weren't being served by the existing hall government. In an unprecedented event, the inhabitants declared independence. They sought and received official University organization status and 42 North was born.

New Mutants

After the first year, 42 North expanded its ranks. At this time, the concept became less of a geographical designation, and more idealogical. For a variety of reasons, these people saw fit to join in the fun:

Ancillary Satellites

And then there were those, who came before 42 North formed. These people either laid groundwork for what was to come, or managed to exert influence from the outside. For this they deserve an honorable mention...

Faithful Departed

Regrettably, not all of our members are still with us. We mourn their loss and honor their memory here:


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