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Mike, Wonderful site! I've been playing Traveller since '93 and I just started running a Dark Conspiracy game, back in June, '99. I've laughed and almost cried (Player Character Death) at your site. I've found kernals of ideas nestled away in your stories that I've come close to developing for my own Dark Conspiracy campaign. I also love the work that you've put into Demonground. Please keep up the great work and let me know if there's anything an unknown like me can do for you. Derek PS: I'm in the South Bend, Indiana area. If you're ever up here, get in touch!

- Derek  (Wednesday, July 28)

Great site!

Just wanted to drop a line, and ask for any pointers on running a Dark Con game.

I just picked it up at a used bookstore and we've been enjoying it entirely.


- Jeremy  (Thursday, April 1)

Hi Mike. Just to let you know that the New British Republic is soon to have its very own website. Now that both myself and my compatriot Sullee are online,it shouldn't take too long. By the way,DEMONGROUND is way way cool. Us Brits will have to see if we can match it. May you find a light in the Darkness. From Lee.

- Lee Williams  (Monday, December 7)


Took at look at your Traveller page. Interestingly enough, in my first Traveller campaign (1977), we also used the Millenium Falcon as our ship...but we called it the "Millenium Pigeon", as it wasn't quite as fast as a Falcon!

I read through the illustrated section of your pages. I hope you can put up more illustrations from that first adventure, what a scream! It's been a rough week at work (going to a new company), and that provided the relief I needed. It reminded me of many of our early sessions: Shoot first! Consequences, forget them! It's a big universe!

Great page!

Fred Kiesche
(Traveller Since 1977)

- Fred Kiesche  (Thursday, November 5)

Hello, Mike!
I'm, probably, your cousin. I live in Brazil.
Your site is great.
Best Regards.

- Daniel Marchi  (Sunday, October 25)

hey Mike
Hi, from the New British Republic. Two AVID dark con /cyberpunkmeisters jacked into the matrix would like to wish you congrats on a top-notch site ,we never realised there were so many minion hunters still active in these dark days. I (Sullee) am a bit of an artist, so drop me a line if you're interested in checking out some truly rad images. my good bud Lee is heavily into the mechanics of the dark con gameworld, we would both be v.interested in an exchange of dark con info. The New British Republic is a concept which parallels future America but has many unique qualities. Britain of the future is a tri-state entity comprising of a fully autonomous Scotland, a semi-autonomous Welsh state and the kingdom of England. United Ireland is an entirely seperate nation, with it's historical problems largely behind it. If you fancy the idea contact LEE @ s Sullee's address. the future is waiting, don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your gameworld.
"Jez & Bic"

- sullee & lee  (Tuesday, August 11)

Mike -

I read your Traveller/DarkCon crossover campaign.

Wow. That was a fantastic read.

I hope you and your players had as much fun as it sounded.

- Mitch Schwartz  (Thursday, May 28)

I really like your artwork, esp. The "Castle in Space" and the mural you drew w/ white out. I draw w/ white out too, except it doesnt look half as good. I look foward to seeing more of your artwork soon. :)

- M.T.  (Monday, May 18)

Hi MIke!

The last couple of days I could hardly work, because we have acces to the net from here. I got a link to your site by a hotbot-search for 'traveller', since I once was a roleplayer too and I was looking for clues to make my own rules on creating spaceships, cause the ones found in the traveller-rulebooks don't satisfy my needs. I try to create a RPG on a GURPS-like Basis: one set of rules and different backgrounds or themes. I hope me and my friends will have enough time one day to restart roleplaying, which was such a fun. We quit, since we didn't have enough time to meet regularly .

I read through your Traveller-Campaign and saw how similar roleplaying is all over the world. Players killing and then looting each other and the like. Although your Dark-Conspiracy Campaign seems to be cool too, I preferred to read the Traveller-Campaign, since it's like you are sitting between the players, imagening their faces and thoughts. I just love the dialogues between'em and background-info like their singing of the A-Team Theme and stuff. You seem to have lots of time to create adventures and play them. (Just one question: Why din't any local authorities examine the ice-dungeon or at least the snowy weather in Texas?)

There's one thing I think is just great: It's how you managed to make the players close the circle as they create Sebastian. My Players would have done everything to bring this adventure to a quick end (of course not on purpose) by killing key-NPC's, not walking through Dimensional Gates, etc. Have you ver thought of collecting played adventures and release them as a story like 'by RPGamers -for RPGamers'?

All in all: great work!

- Stephan  (Tuesday, May 5)

I loved Epic of the Serpent!

It reminds me so much of the merry gang of antisocial sociopaths with whom I ran the classic trav: The Traveller Adventure. With a quick rename, the "March Harrier" became the "Mad Splatter", and the Spinward Marches never recovered. I still say the total collapse of the Imperium is the only thing that stopped them. Thank God for small favors....

The blossoming wealth of trav material on the web is refreshing and delightful.

- Steve Devine  (Saturday, Oct 18, 1997)

Hi There! Welcome to my reader-comments page! Now you, the user, can leave your thoughts about the content on this website! I'm always looking for ways to improve this site, so your comments are welcome.


- Mike Marchi  (Thursday, April 23)

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