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Imagine that someone is telling you a story.  One of the characters in the story reminds you of yourself.  As the story progresses, you begin to identify with that character.  You envision the character in your mind.  You listen to the words of the storyteller, and the world takes shape around the character.  In your mind's eye you see what they see.  In the story, they act as you would have them act.  Your pulse quickens as the the hero faces danger.  Your heart weighs heavy as they experience loss.  You cry out in triumph at their successes.  You are joined, both in the real world and the imaginary by others such as yourself.  Together you form a group.  Together you face the unknown.  You listen to the words of the storyteller, and you live the role.

There is something unique about the roleplaying experience.  It offers the player a chance to escape from the pressures of the real world - if only for a short while.  It offers the player the chance to perform deeds of great daring and excitement - if only in the imagination.  It is a group activity in which the Game Master and players work together to write a story.  The GM writes the plot.  The players write the dialog.

I am the Game Master for two different games.  The following pages contain the stories that my players and I have composed together...

  Mike's Dark Conspiracy Page   Dark Conspiracy - Horror Fantasy role-playing in the near future

  Mike's Traveller Page   TRAVELLER - Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Gaming Resources:

I ran across the following links while perusing the newsgroups.  This Uncle Figgy guy, really knows his RPG's!

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