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Dark Conspiracy is a fantasy role-playing game set in the very near future.  It is a future set against a backdrop of a global economic collapse.  Governments have lost their power to the mega-corporations.  The poor eke out a meager existence on the stipend provided by the sale their proxy votes to the rich, who in turn wield the power to keep the middle class in line.  Social decay is running rampant.  And as if that wasn't bad enough, every monster story you've ever heard was probably based on a real creature.  Although these creatures have long-since been banished from the earth, their stories have been passed along in whispered tones, for fear that their mention would bring the darkness back.  The world of Dark Conspiracy is one where the seals that have separated these dark minions from our world are weakening.  Now the ancient evils of old walk the earth once more; their presence disguised by the urban decay, Their dark cause furthered by humanity's ambivalence. Often we find that the stories that have been passed from generation to generation bear little resemblence to reality.  The player in a Dark Conspiracy game takes on the role of a Minion Hunter; a person who for one reason or another, has learned of the Dark incursion, and chosen to to dedicate their life to fighting it. 

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