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Neil Armstrong Montgolfier (Monty)

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Born in Titusville, FL just across from the Kennedy Space Center, Neil always had a fascination with spaceflight and the unknown, so it was natural that he gravitated to a career as an astronaut. Born to Ethel and Fred Montgolfier into a solidly middle-class family, he attended the local high school, where he earned excellent grades and always tested in the top 1% nationally. Fred and Ethel both worked as aerospace engineers at NASA. Fred recently died from a heart attack at the age of 78, and Ethel, now 72 but in very good shape, is now living alone in the family home. Titusville has been sheltered from the increasing chaos sweeping the country due to itís proximity to the Kennedy Space Center and the crucial government and corporation work it does, so Neil led a somewhat sheltered and idyllic life in his formative years. After graduating High School, he naturally proceeded to the Air Force Academy where he graduated in the top 1% of his class, and then moved swiftly into active duty in the Air Force as a fighter pilot. After serving with distinction as a pilot, he joined NASA and the Astronaut Corps. However, due to the turmoil embroiling the country in the last few decades, actual missions to outer space have been substantially fewer than he expected, so he feels some discontent. However, since learning of the suspected ET invasion, heís thrown himself into his work as an investigator. Heís a very straight arrow, and doesnít suffer fools (or hippies) gladly. Heís been a confirmed bachelor all his life since his work, first as a pilot then as an astronaut, has consumed all his time and energies. However, there have been a few romances in his life, but none that lasted.

Neil has been suffering from irritability and unexplained hostility lately, as well as some unexplained rashes, small puncture wounds, and scrapes. Heís also aware that he has some ďlost timeĒ he cannot account for. In his job as a NASA investigator, he knows these arenít good signs.

Neil is 6 feet tall, fit, with blue eyes and brown-blonde hair. Not exceptionally handsome, but not exceptionally ugly either. His job takes most of his time, but when heís not working he likes to exercise, read, and hit the local firing range with his favorite pistols. Suprisingly, heís also something of a drinker. In fact, almost a problem drinker, maybe even a budding alcoholic, and it seems to have gotten worse of late, although his physical fitness and personal discipline tend to mask the effects.

Like many pilots and astronauts, he likes fast cars and motorcycles and almost anything else thatís fast and a little bit dangerous. Heís a bit of an adrenaline junky, and has done things such as skydiving, white-water rafting and kayaking, etc. However, these pursuits are not allowed to interfere with his work, and least not to this point in his life. However, as said above, heís a little discontent these days.

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