Brain Sucker

by Michael J. Marchi

Beastie Statistics

Strength:  2 Move:  1/2/2
Constitution:  9 Skill/Dam:  7/2D6*
Agility:  4 Hits:  10/20
Initiative:  1 # Appear:  1
Attack %:  100%
Special:  * Damage implants Brain Sucker Embryo


Brain Suckers are biologic constructs made by the Tentacular ET's. The Brain Sucker inhabits the interstices between proto-dimensions and preys on people who get trapped there. 

Physical Description

Brain Suckers are grey in color, with a red gem-like ovoid on their back. This ovoid glows with a bio-luminescent light when it is detecting empathic emanations. 

Empathic Abilities

The Brain Sucker is attracted to empathic emanations. The red ovoid on it's body is a kind of "eye" that allows the creature to see empathic beings, which are its prey. 

Combat Abilities

The Brain Sucker searches for the source of the emanations in the victim's body. In humans, this source is the pineal gland, located in the center of the forehead. The Brain Sucker will attach itself to the forehead of an unconscious human by wrapping its tentacles around the head. It then will pierce the skull with a sharp projection on its underside. 


Once the Brain Sucker is attached to its victim and has pierced the skull it will inject a small embryo into the wound. This embryo is too small to register as anything except a slight infection. Note: See the entry on the Brain Sucker Embryo for further information! 

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