by Jeremy

 based on the works of Dream

Darkling  Statistics

Strength:  8 Education:  7 Move:  norm///
Constitution:  9 Charisma:  7 Skill/Dam:  8/10
Agility:  7 Empathy:  8 Hits:  20/57
Intelligence:  7 Initiative:  6 # Appear:  2 to 4
Special:  mass empathy skills


From a distant realm, already over-run by the dark minions. The Incubus came, a deadly race of human looking, violent creatures. The Incubus fought the Dark Lords for nearly a century before falling. Now they serve as assasins and killers.

The Reality

Mean, violent, and deadly. A race of dark minion one should steer clear of, but in most cases the target has no idea they're there.

Physical Description

Human in appearance, but all wear dark cloaks and keep their hair long.

Combat Tactics

Incubus assasins tend to watch their target for days, waiting untill the right moment. When watching a larger group, Incubus tend to work in pairs.

Just wanted to inform any players who would use the Incubus that I am new to DC and have a young party, so alter the stats to make them as deadly as you wish.

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