by Michael J. Marchi


Art by Rowena Morrill from In Nomine - Angelic Players Guide by Steve Jackson Games 
Strength:  14 Education:  5 Move:  2/10/15/30
Constitution:  9 Charisma:  10 Skill/Dam:  6/2D6
Agility:  12 Empathy:  3 Hits:  40/80
Intelligence:  7 Initiative:  6 # Appear:  1
Special:  Can fly (Move: 60)

The Mythology

In ancient times, mankind was visited by the Seraphim.  They were beautiful creatures with ornate feathered wings, and possessed an aura of majesty.  Is it any wonder that mankind saw them as the heavenly host of God? 

The Seraphim, also known as the archangels were oponents of the dark forces of Hell - the demons.  The wars between the archangels and the demons raged across the multiverse.  The few stories we hear of today barely scratch the surface of the true scope of the conflict. 

The stories tell of battles which rocked the heavens and speak as though aspects of the war took place on earth.  Yet today, there is doubt as to whether the combatants still engage in their epic struggle.  Certainly, there have been stories of angels appearing to a select few, performing the odd miracle.  By the same token, especially in recent years, stories of devils and demons have become more prevealent.  But who can seperate fact from fiction? 

It has become a simple matter of faith.  Faith that the Seraphim still strive to defeat the forces of darkness.  Faith that they still serve the light.  Faith that they even exist at all.  Religious doctrine suggests that while the archangels are servants of  God, it is still possible for them to fall from grace.  Lucifer is supposedly the first to have fallen.  The stories tell how the archangel Michael fought Lucifer and drove him from the heavens. 

The Reality

There is a certain amount of truth to the legends.  The Seraphim and the Demons were in fact bitter rivals, each trying to gain control over the verdant dimension of earth.  To call the struggle a battle between Good and Evil would be an oversimplification.  The Seraphim supported Order.  The Demons embraced Chaos.  The two ideaologies were completely incompatible, and the human race found itself caught squarely between the two factions. 

The religious leaders of humanity, struggling to maintain a moral code over their followers, naturally alied themselves with the Seraphim.  While the archangels were flattered that mankind looked upon them as the servants of the creator, they did not think of themselves in that manner.  However, they were more than willing to exploit that belief, and use it to their advantage in the struggle. 

Unfortunately, there were also men who willfully supported the forces of Chaos.  These men thought of themselves as evil.  The Demons did not see it that way.  The humans were a means to an end, and nothing more. 

The Fallen

I'm afraid this would be telling!  :-)

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