Silicon Drone (Jacobian)

by Michael J. Marchi

 based on the works of

Darkling  Statistics

Strength:  7 Education:  6 Move:  2/8/16/24
Constitution:  7 Charisma:  2 Skill/Dam:  4/1D6
Agility:  4 Empathy:  4 Hits:  38/76
Intelligence:  4 Initiative:  3 # Appear:  2D6
Special:  Computer Empathy, Computer Dimension Walk


The Jacobian Silicon Drones were once men. Jacobian Silicon Drones get their name from the fact that they were created by an Empathic Mutator virus invented by Doctor Victor Jacoby. A captive human is injected with the virus, and then waits for the virus to be activated by an empathic link formed between the virus and an extremely powerful Dark Load, Endymion.

The Jacobian Silicon Drone retains absolutely none of its former memory. As their name suggests, they act only under the whim and command of their master.


The bite of a Silicon Drone injects the victim with the Empathic Mutator virus strain that created the attacking drone. However, that virus will be active already, and not require an empathic link to begin acting.

Physical Description

The Jacobian Silicon Drone appears to be a creature made of clear glass and acrylic. It is semi-transparent. Within its body, several glowing objects can be seen. These correspond to internal organs.

Empathic Abilities

The Computer Dimension Walk skill is a combination of Computer Empathy and Dimension Walk. It is an ability imparted on the drone by it's creator, Endymion. The creature can form an empathic link with any computer and transfer itself "inside" the computer. If that modem is attached to a network, the drone can then travel to any other machine on the net. If it is attached to the internet, the creature can travel anywhere in the world.

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