by Steve Johnson

Darkling  Statistics

Strength:  20 Education:  2 Move:  2/10/15/30
Constitution:  22 Charisma:  3 Skill/Dam:  6/4D6+2
Agility:  5 Empathy:  2 Hits:  28/55
Intelligence:  3 Initiative:  5 # Appear:  1D6
Special:  Long unarmed melee attack; mimic.

The Mythology

In the stories of the fey folk, there is mention of the Spriggans, a race of dwarfish people able to increase their size to gigantic proportions.  These little people had fiery tempers, and had a great hatred for humanity.

The Reality

The Spriggans seem to be related to both the Penangalan, and the mystic changelings, since their modes of survival are so similar.  After infecting a host, their young hide among humans until mature.  At this time, the newly-adult Spriggan will burst from its host fully grown and dripping blood, and will soon after seek flesh to sate the steadily growing hunger for human flesh that burns in its entrails.

Physical Description

An adult Spriggan is as large as an ogre, and nearly as strong.  Its flesh is a twisted mass of muscles and blood vessels, appearing much like an enlarged human body, skinned alive.  However its hands and feet have long claws at their ends, and its cat-like face has a maw filled with fangs.


Spriggans reproduce asexually, generating a noxious liquid from a gland under their chin, which is swollen when ready for a host, but normally flaccid and hard to notice.  The liquid is fed to a human, who is killed by the toxic stuff, allowing the young Spriggan contained in the liquid to control the dead flesh.  After a host has been taken over, it is slowly altered, steadily stretching the host's skin until there is no more room for growth, and the Spriggan must burst forth in a spray of gore to feed.

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