by Steve Johnson

Beastie  Statistics

Strength:  15 Move:  30/60/150
Constitution:  9 Skill/Dam:  8/2D6
Agility:  11 Hits:  30/60
Initiative:  3 # Appear:  1D6
Empathy  4
Special:  Animal Empathy, Empthic Healing

The Mythology

Throughout history across the world there has been myths about a creature with one horn and great ferocity. These creatures have come to be called by the collective name 'unicorn' because they always had one of these deadly sabers set between their eyes. They are extremely shy and prefer the far woodlands to avoid humans, and were said to possess great powers of healing. 

The Reality

There are single horned creatures, and they are ferocious, but they are anything but scared of humans. In fact, they hate humans with a great intensity, and prefer to use their horns to run the intruding pink apes through. And they make no particular distinction in whether a human retains their virginity. Their behavior is generally similar to that of antelope-type animals, when not in the presence of humans. A minor alteration to this is that they have few natural predators, because of a combination of animal empathy, and empathic healing, which creates a sort of truce with the surrounding wildlife, which soon grow to rely on the resident unicorns for their general wellbeing. 

Physical Description

Unicorns are only a little over a meter at the shoulder in height, and appear much like a deer, except that they have a single spiraling horn erupting from between their eyes, much like that of a narwhal. 

Empathic Abilities

Unicorn's seem to live in empathic rapture with the surrounding animal life, which is evidence of their powerful Animal Empathy. They also posses an equally powerful Empathic Healing ability. 

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