Werewolf (Jacobian)

by Michael J. Marchi

 based on the works of Dark Conspiracy: Moreau Weres by Lester W. Smith

Darkling  Statistics

Strength:  8 Education:  1 Move:  3/9/17/32
Constitution:  8 Charisma:  5 Skill/Dam:  6/2D6
Agility:  5 Empathy:  1 Hits:  22/44
Intelligence:  3 Initiative:  5 # Appear:  1D10

The Mythology

The werewolf is a creature of legend. A man, bitten by a werewolf is magically transformed into one himself at the rising of each full moon. It is said that these creatures can only be killed by silver.

The Reality

The Jacobian Werewolf has two things in common with the legend. First, they were once men. And second, they look like a wolf. Other than that... Jacobian Werewolves get their name from the fact that they were created by an Empathic Mutator virus invented by Doctor Victor Jacoby. A captive human is injected with the virus, and then waits for the virus to be activated by an empathic link formed between the virus and an extremely powerful Dark Load, Sebastian Gailbreath.

The Jacobian Werewolf is not very bright. It will respond without hesitation to the commands of its creator. Sebastian uses them as muscle.

Although formerly human, the creature does not possess the ability to speak, and retains only dim recollections of its past life.

Physical Description

The creature resembles a large wolf, which is able to walk about on its hind legs. The paws are far more articulated than in the real wolf.

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