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10 February, 1998

Archangel Entertainment To Publish Dark Conspiracy Next Edition

Archangel Entertainment (an adventure game publisher) announced today that it has concluded an agreement to publish the next edition of DARK CONSPIRACY, the award winning near-future horror/sci-fi game system designed by Lester Smith.  Originally released in 1992 by the now defunct Game Designers' Workshop, DARK CONSPIRACY has continued to attract players and devotees in print and on the web.

Ken Whitman, president of Archangel Entertainment, noted "When I first read through DARK CONSPIRACY, it gave me the creeps.  I started pursuing the license the next day."

Archangel Entertainment is joined in this project by Lester Smith, the award winning original designer of Dark Conspiracy; he commented ""GDW knew my passion for horror games, so it didn't take much to talk me into designing one.  I threw myself into DARK CONSPIRACY, heart and soul, and nurtured the line with fiendish love.  I'm excited to see it coming back into print!""

DARK CONSPIRACY originally appeared in 12 products and modules. Archangel plans to revise the game system into a DARK CONSPIRACY REFEREE'S GUIDE (256 pages, $20) and a DARK CONSPIRACY PLAYER'S HANDBOOK (256 pages, $20) in May of 1998 followed by three follow-on modules by the end of the year.

DARK CONSPIRACY is a trademark of Dark Conspiracy Enterprises.
For More information, contact Ken Whitman, 414-248-7189,
414-249-9456 (fax), or

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