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12 March, 1998

Special Offer: PreOrder Dark Conspiracy

Dear Dark Conspiracy Fans,

As you know Archangel is a new company, and as a new company we want to do things right. In our quest to put out DC 2nd edition we have discovered that printing the Player's Handbook and the Referee's Guide at the same time will cost over $18,000. Because of this enormous print cost we need your help!

We are asking DC Fans to pre-order both the Player's Handbook and the Referee's Guide from us via Visa or Mastercard. The total cost of both books will be $40 (shipping included). We want to process your cards 30 days before the product ships (April 1st) so we can pay our printers.

Whereas we do not need to raise the full $18,000, every little bit helps. So if you help us out, we will make sure your books are signed by Lester Smith and that they arrive to you before the games hit the stores. If you are interested you can find this special program under the DC section on our website at or call us at 414-248-7189.

Ken Whitman
President/Archangel Entertainment


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