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1 April, 1998

Special Offer Extended!: PreOrder Dark Conspiracy

Dear Dark Conspiracy Fans,

Archangel Entertainment president, Ken Whitman announced today that they are extending the PreOrder offer for Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition.  This means that supporters of Dark Conspiracy can continue to preorder the GM's Guide and Player's Handbook throughout the month of April and May, right up until the final realease date!.  For only $40, you will receive the two new 2nd edition books hot off the presses.  Your new books will be shipped to you free of charge and be signed by the author, Lester Smith.

If you are anything like me, your old GDW DC books are in tatters by now.  Replacing them hasn't really been an option.  The new books have been rearranged considerably.  The most obvious change is the segregation of GM and Player information into two distinct books.  But the changes go farther than that!  Lester is taking the contents of the Empathic and DarkTek sourcebooks, and incorporating them into the Player's Handbook along with the basic character generation and expanded character generation material from the PC Booster Kit.  The GM Guide is similarily expanded with information from the Protodimensions and Dark Races sourcebooks.  The new rules convert DC once and for all to use the D20 system.  The new rules and statistics have been modified to reflect those changes as well.

More details will be provided as they are discovered...

Mike Marchi


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