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27 April, 1998

DARK CONSPIRACY 2nd Edition - Something to chat about!

Dear Dark Conspiracy Fans,

Archangel Entertainment is hosting an open forum chat session to discuss the upcoming Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition. The session will be held in the Archangel Entertainment Chat Room on Monday, April 27 at 8:00pm CDT (that's Tuesday 1:00am GMT) at:

Lester Smith is feverishly putting the finishing touches on the new DARK CONSPIRACY GM's GUIDE and PLAYER'S HANDBOOK. Before we send this work to the printers for the final run, we want to make sure we've satisfied the concerns of long-time fans as well as piqued the interests of some new gamers. If you want to see why DARK CONSPIRACY is the COOLEST gothic/sci-fi horror/fantasy rpg going, check out the DC pages on our website at:

We believe very strongly in this game, and want to make sure we do it right. Join us for the chat and find out the answers to all your burning questions!

Ken Whitman


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