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2 June, 1998

Dear Dark Conspiracy Fan

The following letter was sent by Archangel Entertainment to all of the people who pre-ordered the Dark Conspiracy GM's Guide and Player's Handbook.  It offers an explanation for the delay in delivery of the product.

Dear Dark Conspiracy Fan;

Thank you for your order of the Dark Conspiracy Set.  It is fans like you that make the return of this classic RPG exciting to produce.  Archangel Entertainment is committed to giving you the best product you deserve.  However, it is because of that commitment that we are sorry to inform you the release has been delayed due to printing problems.  We are working through those problems right now, so you can expect to see your copy near the end of June.

And because you, the fans, have been tremendously supportive, we would like to throw in a little bonus for your patience - along with your order, you will also receive a new Referee's Screen, free of charge!  This is our way to say thank you and that we appreciate your business.

Once again, we apologize for the wait.  We hope you will continue to support the Dark Conspiracy line, and please enjoy the Referee's Screen on us!

Cindy Breid
Office Manager


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