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25 June, 1998


The following message has been sent to the Dark Conspiracy Mailing lists.  As a result of the June 24th chat with Lester Smith and Ken Whitman, Marcus D. Bone has volunteered to help coordinate a fan-supported electronic magazine for DARK CONSPIRACY.  Using contributions of artwork, adventures, and fiction from Dark Conspiracy fans worldwide, this e-zine will give all of us a chance to support our favorite RPG.

    I am pleased to announce that I will be producing, with the help of yourselves, an online Dark Conspiracy Magazine. On this subject we will be having a meeting in the DC Chat room at IQC next Tuesday at 8pm EST (1am GMT) We need a title for this mag, as well as contributors. If you are interested in spreading the DC word be there.

    To join the DC Chat go to The DC ICQ information page is located at

    If you have any questions either contact myself though this mailing list, or bring them along next week. Until then

    Marcus D. Bone

As of this time, we are assuming the magazine will be distributed via e-mail, and available for download (possibly in PDF format).  The organizational meeting in Archangel's ICQ chatroom (&Dark Conspiracy) next week will help decide these matters.  This is a pretty big undertaking for one person, so Marcus is counting on as much help as possible from his fellow fans.


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