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25 June, 1998

Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition Update

If an online Chat Session last night, Ken Whitman of Archangel Entertainment announced some exciting news for DC fans.

First of all, the Dark Conspiracy books have gone to the printer!  The books will be shipped on July 15, 1998.  The people who pre-ordered will still be receiving a FREE copy of the DC Referee's Screen.

Second, Archangel has announced that they will be dropping all of their RPG titles except Dark Conspiracy.  "This will allow us to devote 100% of our game development efforts into DC", says Whitman.

The last item is perhaps the most exciting for fans who are hoping to contribute their own efforts to the new edition of DC.  Archangel is instituting two methods for fan-produced material to see publication. 

  • Quarterly Magazine: Starting in 1999, Archangel Entertainment plans to produce a magazine supporting Dark Conspiracy.
  • Demo Team Program: Archangel is also planning on instituting a Demo Team program.  Demo Team members will run DC events at conventions and local gaming stores to try to increase awareness of the game.  The adventures the Demo Team members run will be of their own design.  These adventures will be collected and reviewed.  The best adventures will see print in Collected Adventures book.

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