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6 July, 1998

DEMONGROUND: The Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy

The following was posted to the DC Mailing lists:

Hello All. This is to announce the creation of the new free on-line Dark Conspiracy Magazine that we wish to get up and running.

With the title of "Demonground: The Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy" it is to be a small serious magazine focused solely on Dark Conspiracy. We are aiming at presenting a high quality, PDF format, magazine, which will be distributed freely via E-mail. It will start out as a bi-monthy production relying on contributions from you, the Referees and Players of this great Modern horror game.

The Submission Guidelines are available on The Official DEMONGROUND Home Page.

We are still looking forward to your submission and yes, we are getting closer to declaring a deadline for those.

At this moment we are not ready to accept subscription for the mag. (Especially seeing as we have no material as yet).

Again thanks to all you guys and gals that have shown interest , a special thanks to the artists out there who have stated that they are willing to donate their artwork.

As per usual any questions can be fired at me through either this mailing list or my E-mail address.



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