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22 July, 1998

Dynasty Presentations, Inc. To Publish Dark Conspiracy Second Edition

Dynasty Presentations, Inc. ( an adventure game and art book publisher) announced today that it has concluded an agreement with Archangel Entertainment and Dark Conspiracy Enterprises to publish the next edition of DARK CONSPIRACY.

Dynasty has been negotiating with Archangel for several months on publishing the RPG line. Ken Whitman, president of Archangel Entertainment, noted "This deal was a designer’s dream. Archangel will work as a design house for Dynasty Presentations and they will oversee the business and publishing of the books"

Dynasty plans to revise the game system - with Archangel heading up the design team. The core books will be released into a DARK CONSPIRACY REFEREE’S GUIDE (6"x9", 462 pages, $25) and a DARK CONSPIRACY PLAYER’S HANDBOOK (6"x9", 400 pages, $20) in August of 1998. They will be followed by three supplements by the end of the year.

For More information about Dynasty, contact them at or look them up at


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