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03 September, 1998

Sorry Everyone

The following was posted to the Mailing List:

For not getting back to you guys and pumping up the hype to everyone on this list.

First of all, DC will only be available via mail-order until October 98. Therefore, if you know people who want it, let them know they will have to wait.

Man, this list is quiet. So what do you guys think, silence can be good or bad. Don't hold back!

Also, if someone is willing to put up a review on I would appreciate it.

We are working on a revised book now. This will fix typos, etc. If you want to help out for a name credit please drop me an e-mail.

I am getting ready to start up a DC campaign with Lester Smith and a few others in my area. I let you guys know about it, if your interested.

Also, check out the web site. We now have character sheets, magazine sheets and NPC sheets you can order. They are 8.5" x 11". 50 sheets to a pad.

I am off to Dragon Con and hope to see some postings when I get back on Monday.-)

Ken Whitman


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