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14 September, 1998

DEMONGROUND: Press Release

DEMONGROUND: The Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy

Coming in October, 1998 - DEMONGROUND: The Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy.

Now that Dynasty Presentations has begun shipping the 2nd Edition of Dark Conspiracy, there is a renewed need for support of this horror/fantasy rpg.  DEMONGROUND is an electronic magazine about Dark Conspiracy, by Dark Conspiracy fans, for Dark Conspiracy fans.

DEMONGROUND is headed up by Marcus Bone who fills the role of editor-in-chief.  He is joined in the production of the magazine by associate editors Geoff Skellams and Mike Marchi.  "Our editorial staff covers a wide range of experience," said Bone, "Between the three of us, we have over thirty years of gaming experience to lend to the project."

The goal is to produce DEMONGROUND bimonthly, in a format reminiscent of the old Challenge Magazine produced by GDW (the original publishers of Dark Conspiracy).  It will be distributed for free via the internet in PDF format so the layout of the magazine will remain intact.  Each issue will have a full-color cover, highlighting the work of a different horror/fantasy artist (the premier issue features "The Devil's Day" by Alan M. Clark).  Inside, the magazine will feature ten departments to which fans can contribute their works.  Departments include Editorial/Opinion, Adventures, Home Rules, Equipment/DarkTek, Dark Races, NPCs, Fiction, Tabloid Articles, Internet Links and Announcements.

Contributions to these departments will be made by the ever-growing collection of referees and players from around the world.  Using the contributed writings and artwork, the DEMONGROUND staff hopes to keep the e-zine going and growing for a long time to come.  "We've already received more than enough material for the first issue," Marcus happily reports, "And we have quite a bit lined up for the second one as well."

Subscription, submission and contact information for DEMONGROUND is available at their web site  If you are a fan of Dark Conspiracy, you owe it to yourself to check this out! Anyone interested in purchasing the 2nd edition of Dark Conspiracy, can contact Dynasty Presentations via phone (414) 245-3710 or visit their web site


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