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14 September, 1998

Do You Want Writers?

The following was posted to the Mailing List:


I figure that all might be interested so that is why I sent this letter via e-mail. Do you want or going to use freelance writers on any Dark Conspiracy projects in the near future. I am look to publish some more work, and there might be others that are interested too. For that matter, which of the companies will be handling the freelancers?

Mike Wittek | Vacaville, California

This was the response from Dynasty Presentations spokesman, Ken Whitman:

For those of you who want to write for DC.

If you have already been published in the RPG industry you may submit proposals to me at

If you have never been published then we will require that you submit stories, scenarios, etc. to DEMONGROUND E-Zine. We will be watching this magazine for upcoming writers. If we like your articles we may even contact you directly.

Ken Whitman

PS-We just got in some more DC from the printer. If you know anyone wanting some copies, now is a good time to have them order some.


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