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13 November, 1998

CALL TO ARMS!   GenCon is Coming!

To all past and future GenCon attendees,

Andon Unlimited has just opened up pre-registration for GenCon '99 on their web site The deadline for PreReg Attendance is 1/27/99. The deadline for Event Submission is 2/1/99.

Why am I bringing this up now? I've spoken with the folks at Dynasty Presentations and would like to propose something to those of you considering running Dark Conspiracy Events.

With the launch of DC 2nd Edition, there has been a resurgence of interest in the game. Based on conversations with people in the "&Dark Conspiracy" chatroom (ICQ#12565688), we are likely to see more DC events at this year's GenCon than ever before!

I would like to propose that we make an effort to coordinate the schedules of the events being run this year. I don't know about all of you, but I get annoyed when the only other events for games I am running occur at the same time as my games - so I don't get a chance to play in the other events. If we can come up with a co-ordinated sign-in sheet for DC events, we can make sure that

  • Overlap of events is minimized (or eliminated).
  • There is (ideally) always a DC event going on somewhere at the convention.

I'd like to open up this idea for discussion within the groups here, so we can get an indication of interest in participating. Ken Whitman has said that anyone who goes along with this idea will be able to:

  • List "Dynasty Presentations, Inc." as sponsor for their event
  • Be provided with a prize for the event by DPI
  • Anyone running 4 events will be eligible to receive a free badge at the Con

What do you think?

Mike Marchi
Dynasty Presentations, Inc. Webmaster


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