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14 December, 1998

GEN CON '99 Event Coordination

Ken Whitman has asked me to help coordinate the DC events at this year's GenCon. Would any of you who intend to attend GenCon AND run Dark Conspiracy events please contact me directly via e-mail.

I need to know:

  1. Have you already pre-registered
  2. Have you received your judge's pack yet
  3. Do you wish to run your own event, or help out with someone elses?
  4. Do you have an idea for your event(s) yet?
  5. Are you a member of RPGA?

Despite the fact that you could just submit your events to Andon directly, we're hoping you will all cooperate and help stagger the event times to prevent overlap. We'd like to see every timeslot in the convention running a DC event! Remember, if DPI sponsors your event, you will be provided with a prize to award to one of your players!

As I receive your event proposals, I will be assigning timeslots on a first-come, first-serve basis. That is, the first ones to submit the description will have their choice of the remaining slots. We will not allow overlapping events until ALL slots are filled!!!

TimeSlots are:

  • Thursday 8:00a - 11:45a
  • Thursday 12:00a - 3:45p
  • Thursday 5:00p - 8:45p
  • Thursday 9:00p - 12:45a
  • Friday 8:00a - 11:45a
  • Friday 12:00a - 3:45p
  • Friday 5:00p - 8:45p
  • Friday 9:00p - 12:45a (party time?)
  • Saturday 8:00a - 11:45a
  • Saturday 12:00a - 3:45p
  • Saturday 5:00p - 8:45p
  • Saturday 9:00p - 12:45a
  • Sunday 8:00a - 11:45a
  • Sunday 12:00a - 3:45p

Note: There will be one timeslot left open (probably late Friday). We will be planning a DC party during that timeslot. The location and details of which to be determined later.

Other Notes: If you want to help run events, but do not wish to run one of your own design, DPI will be sponsoring DEMO events, and will be looking for volunteers to help out. Also, if you are an RPGA member, please let me know as well. Geoff Skellams is preparing an RPGA event for GenCon. RPGA events require four simulaneous sessions running the same event, so for the timeslot in which it runs, we will need four GM's.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mike Marchi (
Dynasty Presentations, Inc. Webmaster


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