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25 April, 1999

DEMONGROUND: Volume 4, Now Available!

The fourth issue of DEMONGROUND: The Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy is ready! This issue is our biggest yet, weighing in with a hefty 51 pages of information on our favorite roleplaying game. This issue also includes a sneak preview of the BRAND NEW Dark Conspiracy Sourcebook/Adventure "The Shadow Falls: Sin City Volume 1" which is currently at the printers.

To download DEMONGROUND please visit our Website at and access the DOWNLOAD page. There you will find all the information and utilities needed to read the only Fanzine devoted exclusively to Dark Conspiracy. (Please note, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01 or better to view the Demonground PDF file!)

The next Issue will be published on June 22, 1999. If you have any articles, adventures or fiction that you wish to submit, the deadline for Volume 5 submissions is the 1st of June 1999. Please check the Submission Guidelines page of our web site for more details.

We hope you enjoy your fourth Issue as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you. If you have any questions or problems in downloading DEMONGROUND or have any queries in general, please feel free to contact us, directly.

See you next Issue!

Marcus D. Bone, Editor in Chief
Mike Marchi, Associate Editor
Geoff Skellams, Associate Editor


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