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7 May, 1999

Announcing: The Shadow Falls

THE SHADOW FALLS : Sin City Volume 1, by Mike Marchi

Dynasty Presentations, Inc. is proud to present the first all-new adventure/source material for Dark Conspiracy Second Edition.  The Shadow Falls : Sin City Volume One is written by Mike Marchi, and is the first of a six-part campaign series.

Welcome to New Centennial City, or "Sin City" as the people who live there call it.

New Centennial City is a new Hong Kong - a place of commerce, opportunity and dark secrets. It is a foreboding place, crouched somewhere in the shadows between Tim Burton's Gotham and the Los Angeles of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.

New Centennial City is a place where powerful men prey on the weak-minded with disastrous results. A series of violent crimes, and a mysterious explosion draw the players into the clutches of the Calendites, a modern-day Mayan cult led by the enigmatic Ethan Rayne. In trying to learn its secrets, the players are caught up in the frenzy of impending doom.

The stage is set!

The end of the world is nigh!

Are you game?

    DPI 1100
    108 pages
    The Shadow Falls: Sin City Volume One
    US$ 16.00

On Sale Now!


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