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30 June, 1999

DEMONGROUND: Volume 5, Now Available!

After a few scheduling conflicts, we finally have DG5 in the can and available for download at our web site:

As always, the magazine is available as a zipped PDF file, so you'll need an unzip program and Adobe Acrobat viewer to read it. Also, we have two flavors available, letter size, and for a more european flair, A4! The 'zine is 37 pages, only 1.3 Meg, and absolutely FREE!

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue, especially the first time contributors! We'd also like to thank our readers for being so patient as we got this one put to bed. Your loyal DG staff has had a few outside scheduling conflicts (like writing the first three new adventure modules for DC 2nd ed. :) but technically, it was June 30th in at least in half the world when this issue hit the web, so we can still get away with calling it a June Issue.

We think you'll really like the new look of the magazine. Our Chief Minister of Layout, Geoff Skellams has really outdone himself with this issue. It has all the bells and whistles from the past issues (and more), and yet is half the size of DG4! (Your ISP and local phone carrier thanks you).

Our next issue will come out a few weeks after GenCon, and will feature some of the adventure modules that were written specifically for the convention, pictures of the convention and a whole lot more!

Marcus Bone - Editor in Chief
Geoff Skellams - Associate Editor / Minister of Layout
Mike Marchi - Associate Editor / Minister of Propaganda


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