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5 July, 1999

[review] DEMONGROUND: The Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy

The Demonground Fanzine is a fan supported and produced Dark Conspiracy fanzine, but don’t let that scare you off. The three gentlemen which produce The Demonground Fanzine (DG) are absolutely professional about there work. DG solely supports the Dark Conspiracy game by Dynasty Presentations, Inc.. Further, a plethora of source material of all types can be found. In each issue, at least one full adventure, hand full of adventure seeds, new rules, and equipment were featured; DG has also featured a campaign setting based in England.

DG covers these following topics: Editorial/Opinion, Adventures, Home Rules, Dark Races, Equipment/Dark Tek, NPCs, Dark Fiction, Tabloid Articles, Contact Information, and DC Announcements. All these articles are supplied to DG by fans that are looking to further Dark Conspiracy, or they had extra material laying around the house begging to be shared. In either case, there is something for everyone.

All the articles are well written, and the art work is absolutely hot! Some of the art work shadows those of the Dark Conspiracy Player’s and Referee’s Handbook. There is no doubt that some up and coming writers and artist can be found in DG. Consequently, the one thing that I would like to see is DG become a hard copy magazine, for it has the talent to become one.

The current and all the back issues of DG can be found at DEMONGROUND. DG is published in PDF format and are ZIPPED, so you will have to possess an unzip-utility program and Adobe Acrobat® Reader. However, the guys at The Demonground have provided links to the appropriate web sites for these utilities if you don’t have them.

Finally, if you play or run Dark Conspiracy, or you are just into horror/sci-fi games, get a free copy of The Demonground Fanzine. M. Bone, M. Marchi, and G. Skellams, I tip my hat to you all for a job well done. You get a 10 out of 10 from me!

Mike Wittek
Vacaville, California


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