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31 August, 1999

DEMONGROUND: The Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy
--- Volume 6, Now Available! ---

After a few scheduling conflicts, we finally have DG5 in the can and available for download at our web site:

As always, the magazine is available as a zipped PDF file, so you'll need an unzip program and Adobe Acrobat viewer to read it. Also, we have two flavors available, letter size, and for a more european flair, A4! The 'zine is 48 pages, only 1.5 Meg, and absolutely FREE!

This issue, as promised is our special GenCon issue, which includes editorials recounting the exploits of the DG staff at the convention, pictures of said exploits, as well as two of the adventure modules that were run at the con!

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue! Our next issue will be a Halloween Themed issue,(how that differs from the norm is beyond me, but I'm sure you all will think of something :) Acknowledging that we've kind of slipped our release schedule forward, Volume 7 is currently slated for release on November 2 (as a November Issue) with a deadline for submissions of October 4.

Our recently redesigned website has a guestbook feature in the "Feedback" section. Please leave us notes and comments in there (until we get the full-blown feedback forms up and running).

Until next Issue, we remain...

Marcus Bone - Editor in Chief / Minister of the Future
Geoff Skellams - Associate Editor / Minister of Layout
Mike Marchi - Associate Editor / Minister of Propaganda


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