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2 November, 1999

Press Release - DEMONGROUND the Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy

A Home, a Name, and A Focus

Did you know that DEMONGROUND is over a year old? Having reached such a milestone, we are willing to admit that we must be doing something right and will probably be around for a long time to come.

To that end, a celebration is in order! First of all, we've got a new home on the web! Since we're planning on being around for a while, we ponied up the cash and secured our very own web domain for the magazine. Our new home can be found at:

We've also changed the name of the magazine slightly. We're keeping the DEMONGROUND part, but have decided to freshen up the subtitle. Electronic Fanzine seems a little constraining, considering the plans we have for DEMONGROUND in this, our second year of publication. So after much discussion, we've decided on the following modificationů

DEMONGROUND: Reflections of a Darker Future

Wow. A new name. A new home. But what's this about focus? The long explanation can be found on our web site at Winds of Change. The short form can be summarized as follows: We have decided to expand the focus of DEMONGROUND to encompass a broader subject matter. We now intend to support the entire genre of Modern Conspiracy/Horror games.

We have already been in discussion with several other companies. Eden Studios has given us permission to support their Conspiracy X, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and Witchcraft game lines; Pagan Publishing has given us permission to support Delta Green; and Wizards of the Coast has given us permission to support Dark Matter. Of course, we will continue to support Dark Conspiracy for Dynasty Presentations in addition to these new systems.

We hope the Dark Conspiracy fans will join us in welcoming these new groups into the DG family. And we hope the new groups will welcome the chance to join us in continuing to produce the best amateur game magazine on the net.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please feel free to contact one of the DEMONGROUND staff members.

Marcus Bone, Mike Marchi and Geoff Skellams


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