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2 November, 1999

DEMONGROUND Volume 7 - Now Available!

DEMONGROUND: Reflections of a Darker Future

Volume 7 is now available for download at our new web site

As always, the magazine is available as a zipped PDF file, so you'll need an unzip program and Adobe Acrobat viewer to read it. Also, we have two flavors available, letter size, and for a more european flair, A4! The 'zine is 42 pages, only 1.6 Meg, and absolutely FREE!

This issue, is our milestone Anniversary Issue! If you've missed the press releases in the mailing lists and newsgroups, you'll find some big news inside as well!

Our next issue will be the first magazine of the new millenium, so we're sure you guys can come up with some serious Y2K-related material. Volume 8 is currently slated for release on January 4, 2000 with a deadline for submissions of December 6, 1999.

Until next Issue, we remain...

Marcus Bone, Mike Marchi and Geoff Skellams


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