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10 March, 2000

DPI To Publish Dark Conspiracy Version 2.5


Dynasty Presentations, Inc. (an adventure game publisher located in Lake Geneva, WI) announced today that it will publish Dark Conspiracy Version 2.5.

Mike Marchi, designer of Dark Conspiracy 2.5, said "I've been a fan of DC since the first edition, and officially working on it since the release of the second. When I was offered the chance to revise the history and game mechanics for version 2.5, I jumped at the chance! The one thing I definitely wanted was some new material added to the game. The referee will now have two entirely new introductory adventures, as well as an updated timeline which fills gaps in world events since DC first went to print. There are a lot of little tweaks in both the game mechanics and many of the elements of the game itself. We want people who decide to buy 2.5 to feel they got their money's worth, even if they bought the previous versions."."

Dynasty’s Creative Director Tony Lee stated, "It was time Dark Conspiracy got the attention it needed and we felt Mike was the best designer for the job. He lives for this world!"

Dark Conspiracy 2.5 will be available in retail gaming stores this April, and there will be eight revised releases for the line by this August.

For more information about Dynasty, contact or check out

Ken Whitman
Dynasty Presentations
PO BOX 221 • Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Ph: 262-249-1505 • FAX: 262-249-9456


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