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10 June, 2000


As you are all no doubt aware, for the past couple of years, the DEMONGROUND editorial team has been working hard to bring you the highest quality fanzine that we possibly can. Despite the fact that we don't charge people to download it, we still feel you deserve something with professional quality. We really believe that there isn't a better game-related amateur magazine in the RPG industry today. If there is, then we haven't seen it. But despite our best efforts, there are many people who STILL haven't heard about us. We'd like to fix that.

At the moment, voting is currently underway for the 1999 Origins awards. The awards are the RPG industries version of the Oscars, where the best products from the previous years are voted on by the gaming industry and the winners are honoured at the Origins gaming convention later this year in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

One of the categories every year is the "Best Amateur Game Magazine". The official ballot is out, and we haven't actually been nominated for the award, but that doesn't mean we don't still have a chance. As in past years, there is a space to write in something different at the bottom of each category. We'd love to see DEMONGROUND rise up and take this award!

So we're asking for all of the DEMONGROUND readers to go to the Origins awards online voting page and enter a vote for DEMONGROUND in category 6.1. The URL is http// You just fill in the form on that page, and you will be taken to the voting page. In the write-in section for the best Amateur Gaming Mag, we'd like you to write

  • Publisher: DEMONGROUND (

Whatever else you vote for on the form is completely up to you.

This is the first year that the Origins Awards Ballot has been available as an online function. DEMONGROUND is an online magazine. This is where our strength and our support comes from. We need to fire up a good old-fashioned grass-roots write-in campaign. If we can get every subscriber and supporter of DEMONGROUND to cast a vote for us, we may actually stand a chance.

We're interested in winning this award, not so much for ourselves, but to help put DEMONGROUND on the map. The DG Editorial Team already knows that we have some extremely talented people supporting us on a regular basis. People like Eyal Faingersh and Lee Williams (among many others) have been tireless in their efforts to help make DG what it is today. We'd like to be able to repay that effort by making the gaming industry realise that we've got some excellent people working for us and they would do well to take notice of them. It has been said in the past that one of the best ways to break into the gaming industry is to start out writing (or drawing) for fan magazine, because it shows the editors that you're self motivated and hard working. We'd love for some of our regulars to get noticed by the big boys and offered a chance to go on to bigger and better things. We believe they deserve that.

So please spend five minutes filling out the online form and voting for DEMONGROUND. Let's prove to the world what we already know.

The DEMONGROUND editorial team

DEMONGROUND: Reflections of a Darker Future


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