The World According to Mike

I love to write.  I love to tell stories.  As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'll keep telling a story over and over, adjusting it each time to make it more interesting.  The challenge is to embellish the story content without affecting the underlying truth.  Every one of these stories is 100% true...although the details may have been modified for the purpose of clarity.

     The Faucet Incident
Have toolbelt will travel.  This story has everything but the kitchen sink...oh wait, it's got the kitchen sink too!

     Freudian Strip
The tale of a bizarre career day encounter.

     "Woops! Dropped Me Soap"
A treatise on public shower etiquette in the 90's

     Christine Arrives
On my daughters first birthday, I present the story of a labor of love.

     The Horrifying Tale of Christopher Walker
Scaring eight-year-olds is easier than you might think.

     Crash Course
The day I learned to ski on snow.

     Good-bye, Grandpa.
My grandfather recently passed away.  This is how that event has meshed with our lives.

     Where's the Arch?
The wonderment of childish in-sight (and out again).

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